From RIS Media:
Wells Fargo to Implement President Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan
RISMEDIA, March 6, 2009-Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, one of the nation’s largest home mortgage originators and servicers and part of Wells Fargo & Company, said it fully supports and will implement the administration’s plan to prevent foreclosures and help more Americans lower their mortgage payments.

The company will offer the Home Affordable Modification Program for its own loans and loans it services for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as for all other investors unless their servicing contracts prohibit it. The company also will offer the administration plan’s refinancing options available to customers with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans.

“We believe the administration’s plan is thoughtful and comprehensive, and it addresses the current challenges our nation faces,” said Mike Heid, co-president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “Importantly, it helps customers facing true financial hardships while guarding against moral hazard.

“Wells Fargo has long advocated a standardized mortgage modification process, and we hope all investors will align with the plan so that more families can reach affordable mortgage payments. That, in and of itself, will go a long way toward stabilizing our economy for the benefit of all Americans. We also support the legislative changes required to extend this program to FHA and VA loans. ”

Customers calling Wells Fargo about the administration’s plan are encouraged to gather the documents they need to qualify for refinances or loan modifications as specified at or As the details of the modification and refinance plans become available, Wells Fargo plans to quickly put the systems in place to support these programs.

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The Courier ran a story today on a new site for well owners. Since Yavapai county has 1/3 of all wells in the state of Arizona this is a nice site to bookmark:

Happy New Year!


Here is an old Scots version of Auld Lang Syne:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And days of auld lang syne?

Chorus (repeated between stanzas):

For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet

For auld lang syne.

And surely ye’ll be your pint stoop

And surely I’ll be mine

And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet

For auld lang syne.

We twa hae run about the braes

And pou’d the gowans fine

But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot

Sin’ auld lang syne.

We twa hae paidl’d i’ the burn

Frae mornin’ sun till dine

But seas between us braid hae roared

Sin’ auld lang syne.

And here’s a hand, my trusty fiere

And gi’e’s a hand o’ thine

And we’ll tak a right good willy waught

For auld lang syne.

Here is information from the Prescott Chamber of Commerce regarding this year’s Dickens Fair:

Prescott’s Signature Holiday Event is a Dickens

In 1989, Gov. Rose Mofford declared Prescott as Arizona’s official Christmas City. This Saturday, at 1 p.m. the Courthouse Plaza is once again host to an event that attracts thousands of visitors each year—Dickens of a Holiday.

“Dickens” is the brainchild of the City of Prescott’s Special Events Coordinator, Becky Garvin. “When I created this event, I was thinking about how the City could offer a day filled with affordable Christmas themed fun for the whole family,” said Garvin. According to Garvin, A $5.00 entry fee provides each child access to all rides—or individual ride tickets can be purchased for 2.00 each.

Garvin has ordered up a ferris wheel, pony rides, inflatables, food vendors and more. “Plus, we’re topping off the evening with a spectacular fireworks show.”

Garvin expects visitors to number in the thousands and recommends visitors arrive early to find a parking space in the vicinity of downtown and especially at the Granite Street parking garage.

Dickens of a Holiday: Saturday Dec. 13th 1 pm – 7 pm

It has been a tough 12 months. Money is in the forefront of everyones mind. The government is out of control in spending, 401K’s are wiped out, home values are down..on and on we go.

But life is about more than money. It is about family, community, spirituality, giving back and even giving not out of our abundance but out of sacrifice.

How much we all have to be thankful for.

We live in a nation that even in turmoil we have a peaceful transition of power that still baffles most of the world.

We don’t have to riot for a grain of food.

We can have civilized discourse about our differences.

We are concerned about our neighbors and although jobs are scarce there are still opportunities.

Education, while not perfect, is available to all our citizens.

We live in a far from perfect nation but we have the ability and the power to make it better and for that I am truly Thankful.

Home prices are not what they were and are still falling. Credit is hard to come by and inventory continues to rise. It is a hard pill to swallow for homeowners who have placed their hopes for future financial security in their homes and want or need their money now. Where will the market go? I expect we are close to the bottom and will continue to flat line for the foreseeable future but can’t say for sure. What we do know is that historically over the long run real estate is an outstanding investment and the cornerstone of wealth building.

The old fashioned way of looking at your  home as a piece of land all your own to express yourself and provide security and stability to your life should be revisited. It is incentive to put down roots.

Our teams mantra is “Love Where You Live”. That’s what we mean. One of my all time favorite movies  is “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”. It shows how a family pays an outrageous amount of money building a house but in the end they sit back and realize what they have, something solid that, after the mortgage is paid, belongs to them. They were planning to be there for a long time because they love where they live.

Are you looking to put down roots in an area you love? There is no better time than now.

Prescotts second dogtoberfest is this Sunday.

Here is the link for information.

Dogtoberfest Information

See you there!